Types of aging


Painting bags on the cheeks, very similar to the swelling are the anatomical feature, and often appears in childhood. In contrast to the bags under the eyes, the appearance of malar bags are not associated with the presence of any disease, but rather a cosmetic problem.

The reasons for this “defect” is partly rooted in heredity, as well as the gravitational ptosis of soft tissues. Painting bags filled with fatty tissue and have a well-defined lower boundary – nososkulovuyu furrow, which is designed to prevent slipping down fatty tissue.

At a young age, until the skin is in good tone and the volume of fat on the cheeks is big enough, the problem is not so noticeable. But age-related skin changes contribute to the displacement of the adipose tissue, skin sagging, the manifestation of a clear boundary between the eyelid and cheek, increasing the amount of fat in the cheeks.

Bags on the cheeks – how to get rid

  • It should be understood that in order to effectively address this deficiency alone, ointments, creams and folk remedies is not enough – they only temporarily remove edema and create the appearance of a slight improvement.

– Diprospana injection

  • Most often used for young skin. Diprospan is hormonal drugs, contributing to the degradation of adipose tissue and reduce its volume.
  • However, to use this method with great care, as incorrectly selected dose can lead to irreversible aesthetic consequences. Also used with caution diprospan for people aged – in this case, and so thin fatty tissue under the influence of the drug can be thinned even more;

– Liposuction

  • During the procedure removes excess fat from the cheeks. As liposuction has trauma exposure, the connective tissue is formed in its application, the fat is less friable, does not retain fluid.
    The disadvantage of both of these procedures is that after a while swelling appear again.
  • More recently, a new method of cosmetic – thermo – effect of various lasers and RF-energy. Under the influence of the procedure adipose tissue in the cheeks thickens, it becomes not so loose, and the skin is strengthened and tightened, tight, resulting in relief of the midface aligned.
    painting bags.
  • A more radical approach is to lift the skin endoscopic midface, whose purpose – lifting and moving of tissues in the subject area. An alternative lift was filling cheek furrow.