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Syphilis of the nervous system

Syphilis of the nervous system

Syphilitic lesions of the nervous system manifested a variety of pathological changes, and numerous clinical symptom. Morphology of tissue reaction characterized by a certain reactive state of the organism and its individual tissues. The nature of the tissue reaction in different periods of the disease varies. In the initial period of syphilis of the nervous system inflammation of the soft meninges and blood vessels characterized by a predominance of exudative component and the speed of flow of the inflammatory process, ie. E. Characteristic of hyperergic inflammation. (more…)


Treatment of folk remedies for hemorrhoids, treat hemorrhoids at home

Hemorrhoids has long been a companion of human civilization. Previously, it was called the royal disease. It was connected with the alleged fact that the kings were sedentary and often suffered from hemorrhoids. Like it or not, now just can not be established. But in today’s society it has ceased to be the royal hemorrhoids disease. Now they suffer mostly office workers and drivers. (more…)


Love and work will help to forget about the sweet

Sugar, pastries, sweets give us a lot of calories. And if you want to save the figure? According to specialists, many people eat sweet only to “recharge” with positive emotions. That is, the craving for sweets is purely psychological. How to avoid it? To do this, there are many proven ways that do not spoil the shape. (more…)

Our feet as a mirror of health

The condition of our feet can tell almost everything that happens in the body. Of course, this is not the diagnosis in the truest sense of the word, however, pay close attention to the appearance of the feet, legs and the sensations, it is easy to navigate in, maybe there is a hidden disease. And this is a reason to seek the advice of a doctor. (more…)

Make up secrets

A well-wrought decorative cosmetics can work wonders – to correct the complexion, the eyes, the shape of eyebrows, nose shape, etc. Every woman, for which it is important to look good, should learn the art of makeup, even if it does not intend to become a makeup artist, stylist. After all, for a luxurious make-up is always a lot of secrets and knowledge of a professional technician. (more…)

Scalp itching

When you feel itching of the scalp – there is a keen desire to scratch it. Low-key is virtually impossible, and therefore appear on the skin sores, signs of scratching and scabs. Scratching itchy place does not eliminate the problem, but rather exacerbates it. To get rid of the itching of the head, it is necessary, first of all, to find out the reason for his appearance. It causes itching a lot, and find the true challenge. (more…)

Feet skin health

In recent years, a growing number of people complain that they deteriorate the epidermis in the area of ​​our feet. It is often the skin on the feet oblazit whole pieces. From what is happening and how to fight it? (more…)

Classification of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is classified depending on the cause:

  • Postmenopausal (menopause, involution) osteoporosis;
  • Age osteoporosis – arising after 65-70 years, caused the overall aging of the organism;
  • Corticosteroid (hormonal, medical) osteoporosis;
  • Youth (kids) osteoporosis;
  • Secondary osteoporosis – develops as a complication of renal failure, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, ankylosing spondylitis and other diseases;
  • Osteoporosis pregnant women – during pregnancy, calcium consumption is much greater, so the osteoporosis can occur without adequate supplementation of minerals;
  • Osteoporosis immobilized – isolated in a separate group, occurs when paralysis or other causes immobilization of the body. (more…)

Deformation of joints

Joint deformation:

The deformation of joints (change their form) – one of the symptoms characteristic of the articular syndrome, which appears in the far advanced cases of the disease (chronic forms) or trauma and congenital anomalies. (more…)

Non-alcoholic beer

Is it harmful to drink non-alcoholic beer?
Non-alcoholic beer – an analogue of the well-known and loved this beer, which is very difficult to give up, especially in the summer. Therefore, it is logical that many of us are interested in the question: Is it really possible to eat and drivers and pregnant women without causing harm to health? And in general, whether the non-alcoholic beer is intoxicated? And what about the fact that from it get better? (more…)