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Generic Clomid

Clomid is an oral medical drug that is used to stimulate ovulation. Due to the action of Сlomid certain hormones are released, which triggers an outbreak of gonadotropins. This process contributes significantly to the restoration of an ovulatory cycle in women. Although the drug is intended for women, its effect was detected in men as well. (more…)

Climacteric period

Climax, or climacteric period, is a period in the life of each woman, when the female body undergoes serious changes. Together with an age-related decrease in the ovaries work, a complicated transformation of all body functions occurs, which involves changes in the vegetative and nervous systems. During climax the female body is getting ready to «turn off» one of its main functions – the reproductive function. (more…)

Antifungal medicines

The number of fungal diseases, or mycosis, has increased greatly in the recent years. It is connected to many factors. One of them is a broad usage of antibiotics, that have a wide spectrum of action. Sometimes they depress human immune system, which provides good conditions for fungi development. (more…)

Antiviral drugs

Antiviral drugs are used to treat viral infections, like flu, in your body. These drugs differ from antibiotics, because they don’t fight bacteria. The main action is aimed to kill the virus that causes the disease.

Antiviral medicines are divided into 4 basic groups:

  • vaccines;
  • interferon-containing medicines;
  • immunostimulants;
  • antiviral drugs of direct action (etiotropic). (more…)


What to do with reduced pressure:

Why is low pressure dangerous?

The problem of low blood pressure and what to do in this case disturbs a large number of modern people. In a large metropolitan area, most of the population is constantly experiencing emotional stress and stress, which often causes low pressure. Often such states lead to the question of what to do under reduced pressure.

In itself, low blood pressure does not pose a particular threat to a person, especially if we take into account the fact that for each person the indices of the norm are individual. If this condition is accompanied by headaches, weakness and a general decrease in tone, then it is worth urgently to contact a specialist. (more…)

Slim figure and a pleasant appearance

Beauty, a slim figure and a pleasant appearance – all this requires effort and investment.

However, staying slim is not so difficult, even if you are terribly lazy, you just have to:

1. Have sexual act regularly. When you make love, calories are burned at a rate of 200 calories per hour, which is equivalent to a 15-minute run. Pulse rises from 70 to 150 – as well as the running man. In general, sex is very useful for the body as a whole – it strengthens the immune system, the body gets rid of toxins and dangerous substances, the very sexual excitement increases the flow of blood and oxygen, which is contained in it, helps drive out bad cholesterol. (more…)

Plasmolifting for your hair

Plasmolifting is a modern method of treating and strengthening hair. But also this treatment is used for face also. If you want to get rid of acne, make your skin more soft and less dry- you should also begin the course of this popular and new injections. (more…)

How to lose weight after age 50?

The problem of excess weight is relevant for any age, but after 50 years is most acute. Fat accumulation can provoke diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels deseases. You start feeling the shortness of breath and pressure leaps. Excess weight gives an increased strain on the legs, which can damage the joints, so it is especially important to keep your figure under control. (more…)

Hair analysis

70% of all citizens suffer from hair and scalp problems. The reasons are so diverse that they can hardly be treated effectively with the hair water from the drugstore market. To determine the causes – Eg wrong products, wrong treatment, nutritional deficiencies, diets, drugs or certain life situations – it is necessary to make a reasonable diagnosis. (more…)

Hair loss

The most common scalp problems besides hair loss are dandruff headaches which associated with itching and inflammation of the scalp. Head scales are keratinized skin cells, which are partly associated with sebum and dissolve from the scalp. Everyone loses their daily dandruff. As the skin is constantly regenerated and the upper dead corneal cells are repelled, this process is quite natural. (more…)