Anorgasmia is called a complete lack of orgasm. Usually it occurs when sexual frigidity associated with an unwillingness to engage in sexual relations.


Anorgasmia most often occurs in women. This is due to the lack of excitement female partner before intercourse or because of premature ejaculation in men. Not enough of preludes and properly chosen posture can also cause lack of orgasm in women.

In addition to these reasons a man should be remembered that the result of sexual intercourse depends on it, since it was he who selects the desired frequency, form and rhythm of sexual contact.

  •    By virtue of their education and the relationship to have sex mentality, a woman can not control sexual contact, as a result of this most erogenous zones do not receive the necessary stimulation for orgasm.
  •    According to statistics more than 25% of women admit that they get an orgasm further need to stimulate the highly sensitive area. Who – that this area is the clitoris, vagina and others.
  •    The impact on the highly sensitive erogenous zones of a woman depends on the posture in which the sexual act. Accordingly, it is not the right kind position for intercourse can cause anorgasmia in women.

What is the reason of anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia and lack of sexual desire can be attributed to many factors. Here are some of them:

  • psycho-emotional unwillingness to have sexual relations;
  • delayed sexual development;
  • receive satisfaction from a purely platonic relationship, without a sense of not burdening.

Symptoms of this disease depends on the duration of the period of violations of orgasmic function. It can characterize varying degrees of severity, from mild loss of brightness of orgasm sensations, to complete anorgasmia, which is represented by three main symptoms:

  • lack of sexual desire;
  • lack of pleasurable sensations during sex;
  • lack of orgasm.

– If a woman is suffering from depression, her sexual attraction to a partner may decline slightly, then comes the second period of the pathological condition – blunting thrills from getting an orgasm. Then, if time does not seek help from a specialist, there is complete lack of orgasm.

– If the erogenous zones of women do not get enough stimulation, the first she simply can not have an orgasm. Because of this, the woman becomes irritable, worried about her state of neurosis, reduced desire for sexual intercourse, and the sex is not enjoyable.

– Rarely, but still there is such an option of frigidity, when sexual desire in women are much improved, and she does not feel an orgasm. Long-term effects on the erogenous zones and long stimulation also do not give any results. In the absence of orgasm, the woman retains the ability to bear children.

The diagnosis anorgasmia

   Diagnosis dysfunction get an orgasm can deliver expert, on the basis of medical history and complaints of the woman.

If the lack of sexual desire to accompany such diseases as the irregular menstruation, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, infertility, increase in the size of the limbs, vegetative disorders. Vascular crises, it is necessary to examine the woman for the presence of diseases of the endocrine system.

   If reluctance to have sex accompanies depression, sleep disorders and pain in the genital area. It is necessary to seek help from a psychiatrist to rule out a woman’s mental illness.

Also, the need to consult a gynecologist about the possible diseases that hamper sexual intercourse. Your doctor will help determine the status of the woman of her pelvic floor muscles and the sensitivity of erogenous zones. It is highly desirable to be surveyed and the husband and find out in parallel, a psychological climate in the family of the couple.


Treatment is adjusted individually for each woman, which ensures the creation of the necessary conditions for the manifestation of the patient’s sexual desire. The main principle of treatment is considered to be lack of orgasm therapy and the presence of depression in a patient – antidepressants or tranquilizers are appointed.

   Hormonal therapy is prescribed if the patient has revealed violations in the endocrine system.

For physiotherapy methods include hip baths, ascending shower, massage and stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles.

If the pathology is caused by abnormal development of reproductive organs, you may need surgery.


Most often, when a regular sexual life in marriage, the phenomenon of absence of desire gradually diminishes, but in more serious cases can lead to divorce in the background of dissatisfaction with each other in bed.

It is important to promptly solve the problems associated with the violation of women’s desire to avoid any complications such as total frigidity.