Acne on the head

Acne on the head
Acne on the head

Acne on the head – this is a common problem same as ordinary acne and comedones on the face. The most interesting thing is that rashes occur not only in adolescents, but also in mature people. Men are more inclined to this.

The main causes of acne on the head:

The reasons for the appearance of pimples in the hair are many. Of course, the most basic is the neglect of hygiene rules and the use of unsuitable shampoo. Rashes on the scalp can occur at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

Causes of acne on the head of men:

It is worth noting that men are more prone to acne on the head. For proper treatment it is necessary to determine the true cause of the rash. For this purpose it is necessary to address to the dermatologist or trichologist.

The causes of acne on the head of men:

  • Use of headwear made of synthetic fabric. In such caps, the scalp “does not breathe” and sweats. Accordingly, a lot of salt and sebum accumulates on the surface, which is produced by the sebaceous glands. Because of the blockage of pores appear pimples.
  • Application of unsuitable shampoo. If you have dry hair, do not use funds for oily scalp. Such shampoos dry it and provoke irritation and inflammation of the skin. After a while, small sores can get dirt, inflammation will begin.
  • Use blunt blades in trimmer for haircuts. Men who prefer to be sheared under “0” usually remove plastic nozzles from the machines. The teeth of the device can damage the skin on the head and provoke rashes.
  • Allergy. May occur on some kind of shampoo or balm. Acne is more common in men who use styling products and dye their hair.
  • The use of steroids. This applies to men who are engaged in weightlifting and want to pump up a mountain of muscles.

Causes of acne on the head of women:

  • Despite the long hair that adores most women, acne on the head of a beautiful sex is less common than men. This is due to greater care for their appearance and the use of the right means to care for the curls.
  • The causes of acne on the head in women:
  • Hormonal imbalance. This can occur during pregnancy. Often, acne on the head appear due to the use of hormonal drugs for the treatment of gynecological ailments.
  • Violation of the stomach and intestines. Dysbacteriosis or infection with parasites can also cause a rash on the head. As a result, useful substances are not absorbed completely, there is an avitaminosis. When infected with worms, parasites release into the blood products of vital activity, which poison the body and lead to skin ailments.
  • Bacterial infection. Most often, acne occurs because of weak immunity and the growth of colonies of staphylococci and streptococci. These microorganisms live on the body of all people, but with the weakening of the body, serious dermatological ailments can provoke.
  • Frequent staining and chemical wave of hair. These means to create a beautiful hairstyle contain acids that damage the scalp and can cause ulcers.
  • Stress. Constant nervous tension often leads to ailments of a dermatological nature.