Acne on the face and chin


How to get rid of subcutaneous acne on the face and chin?

Subcutaneous pimples on the face and chin without doubts, any kind of acne bring trouble to its owner. However, subcutaneous pimples on the face and chin deliver even more problems. They are difficult to treat, and after a course of treatments are often left scars.

Causes of acne subcutaneous

  • Violation of the normal outflow of sebum;
  • Blockage ductless solidified sebum;
  • Enhanced activity of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Lack of hygiene, hormonal imbalance, and general disturbances in the body.

Subcutaneous spots appear gradually: first, a small seal is formed under the skin. It’s a little painful and growing rapidly, joins the inflammation and as a result you sees a large swelling. Such acne for a long time ripening, bringing pain and discomfort. It happens that the ripening is delayed for a few weeks.

Sebaceous gland completely covered by inflammation, and, whatever you do on the outside, quickly get rid of the manifestations can not. If you accumulate a lot of pus, which leads to the formation of relatively large units within the skin. Sometimes it may appear cysts on the face. So on the skin appear red bumps characteristic.

How to treat subcutaneous pimples?

To get rid of subcutaneous acne, you need a comprehensive approach.

Your task:

  1. Remove inflammation;
  2. To normalize the activity of sebaceous glands;
  3. To prevent the development of complications.

At the beauty salon you can offer to carry out the procedure of ozone therapy – plus it is a short post-acne treatment and prevention. Quickly go swelling, redness of skin, tenderness. Ozone injections allow them to ripen for a few hours and not have to wait days and weeks.

If you want yourself to get rid of subcutaneous acne, be very careful – an independent autopsy threatens the appearance of atrophic scars, from which escape is almost impossible by conventional means. In addition, non-compliance with mandatory rules for disinfection, the infection can spread within the skin and cause a boil, carbuncle, or even generalized inflammation – phlegmon. Therefore, the best move on your part will ensure proper hygiene of the affected area and its proper cleansing. Do not try to squeeze ulcers.

Here is a good recipe against subcutaneous acne that you can use at home. In a glass of warm water, add 2 tbsp salt and bring to boil. Take a cotton swab, moisten and apply lotion to cool. Repeat several times a day. This procedure makes it easier to mature subcutaneous pimples.

Without consulting your doctor do not assign himself antibiotics and external agents based on them – the skin can get used to, and acne and will not ripen. It is better to wash often do on the basis of medicinal herbs. It can be celandine, nettle, chamomile, mint, succession, marigold. Boil a handful of grass, let stand to cool and use to wash in a strained every day.

Remember that in the fight against acne subcutaneous importantly – patience. Armed with them, you will surely achieve good results.