Abortion – the types and methods of abortion
The concept of abortion means abortion. Abortion is spontaneous and artificial. Abortions performed:

  • medically – at any stage of pregnancy
  • optionally women – 12 weeks

There are several types of abortion:

  • Surgical abortion
  • Medical abortion
  • Vacuum abortion

Medical abortion and vacuum aspiration are the safest method of abortion, because they are non-invasive.

Medical abortion is performed only under the supervision of a doctor who appoints the so-called abortive pill, which takes place under the influence of a complete miscarriage.

Mefipreston, whose commercial name mifegin, – a progesterone antagonist. Its action is that it replaces the progesterone receptors in the uterus to progesterone and as a result, the fetus dies. Then appointed prostaglandins that reduce the womb and ejecting the ovum from the uterus.

Medical abortion can be performed on the smallest timing of when women appear only early signs of pregnancy.

Medical abortion: what is the difference between surgical and medical abortion?

Any medical abortion is performed only in hospitals. Gestational age – the main criterion for choosing a method of abortion.

Medical abortion and vacuum aspiration do strictly to 7 weeks. To do this, you must specify a pregnancy in the uterus with the help of ultrasound, it is important, as the main symptoms of pregnancy may be present and ectopic pregnancy, in which case the medical tactics is completely different.

In the period of more than 7 weeks and 12 weeks of medical abortion produced instrumental method. Why vacuum aspiration and medical abortion is considered less dangerous methods?

Because surgical abortion:

  • done blindly;
  • It requires general anesthesia;
  • using sharp tools;
  • require expansion of the cervix;
  • injured lining of the uterus;
  • injured cervical mucosa;
  • there is a risk of perforation of the uterus;
  • longer rehabilitation period;
  • the risk of cervical atresia and development hematometra;
  • more likely to develop inflammatory diseases;
  • there is a risk of incomplete removal of parts of the ovum in the uterus, and therefore be re-curettage.

When medical abortion using vacuum aspiration tip is soft and non-invasive cervical, its introduction does not require cervical dilatation and fetal egg is removed under the influence of negative pressure, which is created in a special syringe-extractor.

A medical abortion instruments are not used at all, so all of the surgical abortion, there are no risks. Gynecology in Moscow, namely a network of clinics “Doctor Plus” provides all kinds of abortion.

Types of abortion:

The type of abortion, term of pregnancy tests to be carried out without fail before the procedure depends on how much is a result of an abortion.

To find out how much is an abortion, you can apply directly to the clinic, where they will spend the diagnosis:
  • tests for pregnancy
  • inspection
  • advice on the method of abortion
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • for further contraceptive advice