Drug overdose

According to public data, in the United States every 19 minutes one person dies from an overdose of the drug. Meanwhile, the Office for the Control Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines the risk of overdose among different groups of people:

  • – Men are twice as likely to die from an overdose of women’s medications;
  • – More people die from an overdose at the age of 45 to 49 years;
  • – Less common cases of overdoses among teens under 15 years old, they are much less likely to abuse drugs.


New or old trusted drugs?

Over the past 8 years, American pharmaceutical companies spent more than $ 50 billion in the search for new drugs, but had to admit that the most innovative products were produced decades ago. With each passing year it becomes more and more difficult to develop a radically new, effective and safe remedy that on the properties surpass existing analogues. (more…)