How does Tadalafil work?

Tadalafil 20 mg

This substance is one the series of substances, which belong to the group of a selective inhibitors of phosphodiesterase, it releases the tension in the male sexual organ and allows the blood to stream to it easier. So as a result of this mechanism working in a described way we get an erection. Generic Cialis is effective and will produce the described effect only if a person is sexually driven by some object or image. That means that the inhibitor does not affect the potency itself, but restores the erection.

We will make a short dive into the history of the remedy and tell about its invention. In 1993, the Icos pharmaceutical corporation (trade name ICOS) decided to start studying the inhibitors of PDE-5, and the more specifically the one with the name of IC351. Currently, almost all the most effective drugs for the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction in men are produced on the basis of the mentioned inhibitors. Previously, everything was completely different, it is interesting that the first drug based on the inhibitor PDE-5 was invented only by a pure accident.

However it is worth mentioning that Icos scientists and experts did not test the inhibitor IC351 compound for possible effects on human potency. Despite the fact that Icos was established in 1990, the first patent for the inhibitor IC351 was received only in 1994, it is still not clear whether they received their patent before the Pfizer patent on Viagra.

In any case, in 1995, Icos Corporation began the first phase of clinical trials of the drug. That was quite an extended clinical blind trial covering more than several hundreds patients of both genders, which received quite a lot of attention of many well-known medical professionals and doctors from many areas. Two years later the second phase started, when the drug was used in patients with various disorders of sexual nature broken down into groups according to the risk factors.

These studies lasted for two years, and in 1998, Tadalafil Corporation was created as a result of Icos merging with the Eli Lilly company. Eventually, as a result of their joint activities, and exactly two years later, Lilly Icos announced at the 97th Congress of the American Urological Association in Florida that Cialis allows to obtain a long-lasting effect, which remains for a period of at least 36 hours.

The overwhelming majority of representatives of the stronger sex consider the “masculine solvency” as the first priority. And that is quite understandable as since the stone age the ability of a man to make sex with a woman and in this way to ensure that the family history will continue and will be the vital and most respected, without a regard to who you are – a king or a peasant.

And same refers to our contemporary reality – any problems that occur in the intimate sphere can completely deprive the man of sleep and rest, significantly reduce his self-esteem, lead to depression and even a suicide. And this kind of problems are no more associated with men aged 50, as many people used to think. Currently, erectile dysfunction is growing significantly “younger”, very often you can hear about thirty-year-old men who have problems of a sexual nature.

Looking in the scientific literature on the subject we can easily find out that short-term and weak erection syndrome is normally a result of the following preconditions:

  • lack of sleep, chronic fatigue;
  • stress, constant depression and nervous exhaustion;
  • removal of the prostate;
  • diabetes;
  • spinal cord injuries;
  • hypertension;
  • excess weight.

However, everything is not as bad as it might seem at first glance. There is a solution to these problems, and it has appeared quite a long time ago. This miracle cure is a series of special drugs, which are targeted at solving the nauseating problem of such sexual disorders quite efficiently. One of the most popular is Generic Cialis Online, which has got very positive and encouraging reviews both from doctors and patients.

After taking the pill you feel its action for approximately 36 hours, and that is why these tablets were given a nickname by people who used it, which is a “tablet for a weekend.” Since the drug we reviewing in this article has no age limitations, it has become quite widespread, not only in USA but all over the globe, including Russia and most of European countries.

The active component of this miracle cure is the substance Tadalafil, which has an effect on the body of a man as a result of which the following effects can be observed:

  1. Erection increases
  2. Stability of erection improves
  3. The time to restore an erection is reduced

However, it should be mentioned that this drug does not create sexual arousal and will work only if there is a natural “mood for sex”, it means in the presence of a sexual partner or any other type of sexual actuator. The substance Tadalafil – Generic Cialis Online, which is a part of the drug, really improves the erection, it is suitable for men of different age groups and has a minimum number of contraindications.

In addition, the drug can be used as a supplement to the basic complex treatment of potency.

The effect starts as early as 16 minutes after taking the pill, which means that you can use the drug even in case you have unexpected sex and you don’t have time to wait until the drug starts to do its job.

When choosing stimulants of potency, men often pay attention to several key factors, one of which is its compatibility with alcohol (quite understandable in a way), as well as the absence of serious side effects.

This medical solution is recommended by many doctors, including sex therapists, who believe that it has good qualities, strong effect, long-term action. What is really interesting is that this cure helps even people with a fairly severe form of erection issues.

In order to substantiate all statements above we can share with you some of the user’s positive feedback, which would probably be much more convincing than the dry theory of medical facts. So, here are some of them:

Generic Cialis 20mg has proven to be a truly reliable drug that helps me in dealing with women. I take it two or three hours before a potential intercourse. The effect is only positive, lasting for several days. However, the onset of action is felt already in around thirty minutes after I take it or another one: “… A friend told me about these tablets. Nothing but a miracle, the technologies and goodwill of scientists combined together helped to create it. From the very geginning I tried quite a high dosage – 20 mg, I feel more comfortable in this way, and I do not feel a special load on the body, heart or anything else. The effect is striking – a few hours of making love, no worries. I take it making only one day break in between.”

Moreover, there are the tablets for women with the same name and brand, and it also receives only positive respond regarding the effect of this solution. Here are some of these reviews: “I never thought before that such pills for women exist. I never had any excessively strong sexual desire, and so I thought that something was wrong with me. Having encountered an article in the Internet, I decided to check its effect myself. … That time meeting with a man was a great success. I did not think that I could get so much pleasure.”

However, we have already mentioned that there are not only benefits and positive advantages, but side effects, which is the case with any medical product after all. In addition to hypersensitivity to the main components or to any substance being a part of the drug, there are some other side effects including sensations of abdominal pain, strong heartburn, vomiting, liquid stool, etc .; dyspeptic manifestations; dizziness accompanied with headache; nasal blocking; sensations of pain in the muscles (especially in the lower part of the back); pain in the limbs; skin of the face acquiring red color due to the streaming of blood; swelling of the eyelids; short-term vision impairment.

In addition, the drug should be used only after some consultation when you have renal, hepatic, heart failure, anemia, angina pectoris, myeloma, leukemia, Peyronie syndrome, penile curvature, arrhythmia and hypertension. It is strictly prohibited to take the drug during 6 months after a heart attack or stroke.

What is really important for many users, the tablet can be used even if you have drunk some alcohol, which is quite useful considering that very often sex might happen after a party or a romantic evening with a glass of wine. That is it strong point as compared to Viagra, as it is not advised to mix it with alcoholic beverages. In our case the combination with alcoholic beverages will not endanger the patient’s health. In order to avoid reduction of the effectiveness of the drug due to obstruction of absorption, the drug should be taken at least half an hour after consumption of alcohol.

Fatty foods interfere with the rapid absorption of active substances into the blood from the tissues of the stomach. During the intake of active biological supplements and medications it is not advised to consume food, where the amount of fat is more than 30%. Unsaturated or saturated fats reduce the effectiveness of useful elements of our pill to 45%. During the use of anything that increases potency, it is recommended to give preference to plant products: vegetables, fruits and cereals.

The clinical trials of the potential ability of Tadalafil 20mg to cause prolonged and painful erection, or priapism, the results showed that this effect was not revealed at all, but it is considered theoretically possible, especially during use with other inhibitors of PDE5. If you’ve got an erection that does not end during more than 5 hours, you have to seek medical help immediately, since this pathology can bring quite the opposite effect to what you have expected – long- or short-term loss of erectile capacity. Therefore, the high risk of priapism is an important point which justifies the prohibition of the use of combinations of multiple agent that inhibit PDE5.

The pills can be bought in a regular pharmacy, it means it is OTC, or through specialized on-line stores. Also in the territory of our country it can be bought freely without a prescription. However, there are still some points that you have to pay attention to, for example you must be very careful not to buy a counterfeit. Also, there are a lot generics, which have a very similar name and which are promised to produce the same effect, however no one will guarantee that to you. In order to avoid that please study carefully the packaging, look at all protective labels (engraved letters, holograms, etc.), look for the signs of the package being opened before. Please be attentive, as buying a wrong one might spoil your plans, not only for one evening, but for thó life as a whole! It is advisable to purchase Tadalafil Online in a pharmacy that sells medical products that have been tested by specialized quality control laboratories. You can find this pharmacy by asking the pharmacist or pharmacist, or just organizing a proper search in the Internet.

When you have to buy this product in an unknown place, and you are not sure of its quality, you can order an examination of the authenticity of the drug. It is not expensive, and doesn’t take much time. The quality of the tablets can be checked by the various laboratories in the city, testing the drugs. Contact a corresponding institution and find out if the tablet you purchased is counterfeit or genuine. When the drug was genuine, then rewrite the series and batch number, and in the future, get the medicine from this particular lot.

So, use this solution to have a nice and smooth intimate life and never worry about anything like that…or anything at all!