Uterine Fibroids Symptoms

If a woman on the basis of ultrasound the doctor said that she had uterine fibroids, of course, it includes anxiety, panic. Why there was uterine fibroids and what is it? Do not despair and be upset, be sure to repeat after the next menstrual period examined by the same doctor on the machine with a vaginal probe, and to be sure the other specialist to accurately confirm or exclude the diagnosis. (more…)

Inflammation of the appendages

Inflammation of the appendages: Truths and Myths

Cold, walking in wet and cold weather, wet feet, it came to SARS – and that’s being felt intense, sharp pain in the abdomen. “Inflammation of the appendages” – sigh habitually and you are looking for some antibiotics, which would have quickly removed the pain and bring relief. What danger lies in wait for those who are engaged in self-adnexitis? (more…)

Syphilis of the nervous system

Syphilis of the nervous system

Syphilitic lesions of the nervous system manifested a variety of pathological changes, and numerous clinical symptom. Morphology of tissue reaction characterized by a certain reactive state of the organism and its individual tissues. The nature of the tissue reaction in different periods of the disease varies. In the initial period of syphilis of the nervous system inflammation of the soft meninges and blood vessels characterized by a predominance of exudative component and the speed of flow of the inflammatory process, ie. E. Characteristic of hyperergic inflammation. (more…)